About Us

Stranger Gamer is a brand new gaming news and tech site. Our goal is to bring you the latest news in a relatable fashion!

We are 2 gamers from the UK with differing gaming favourites but the same passion for all things games related.


Name: Genna (short for Hydrogen)
Nickname: Oi
Favourite Game: Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time
About: Genna is super edgy and awesome. She has a great sense of humour and everyone loves her more than Adam. Unlike Adam her obsession with bewbs is nothing but reasonable.
She also will 100% lose to you at Fifa.


Name: Adam
Nickname: Ya mong
Favourite Game: Anything including bewbs
About: Adam is this bloke with a top quality beard and sense of banter. BUT HE IGNORES GENNA.
Adam, much like a puppy will do anything for a treat (If that treat involves nudes that is). He enjoys exercising, playing with his balls and chewing (my ear off).