Be Quick! Bag Yourself A Freebie Now

Be quick, bag yourself a freebie for a limited time!

Online PC game retailer GOG is celebrating its 10th anniversary and instead of you giving them gifts, they’ve decided to give one to you.

Between now and October 6th, you can get yourself a free copy of Shadow Warrior 2 from GOG, no strings attached.

Actually maybe 1 string, you will need a GOG account but that’s free too!

You can get the game here.

GOG ran a poll earlier this week that let gamers vote on which title should be available for a free download. The contest was between Shadow Warrior 2, Firewatch, and Superhot. If SW2 isn’t the result you were hoping for, don’t worry too much, for now the other titles are available at huge discounts too so check them out while you can.

Never heard of Shadow Warrior 2? SW2 is a first-person action game set in a mystical world. You’re an assassin working for a bloke named Lo Wang (don’t laugh). Surprisingly, he’s a quick witted individual who is rather fond of penis jokes. If genital humour doesn’t put you off and a fast paced action game gets you excited, give it a go.

SW2 can be played alone or with up to three friends online. The multi-player works well and is a great way to sink an hour or so with friends.

You might as well give it a go, it is free after all! But if penis jokes make your jaw clench…Maybe give this a miss.

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