Beholder – The Game You Didn’t Know You Needed

Beholder is the game you didn’t know you needed.

You play as Carl, a landlord working on behalf of the government in a totalitarian state. You’re appointed to spy on your tenants. You’ll rely on covert means to acquire information on them, profiling them and eavesdropping on their conversations. You have the ability to bug their apartments with cameras, rummage through their belongings to find illegal contraband and interact with your tenants to get the information you need. Anything that threatens the state is your responsibility to remove and this can be done by any means necessary.

You’ve moved into the bottom floor of the building along with your wife and 2 children; your son is just starting university, your daughter is young and sickly and your wife is fear stricken. Alongside your duties to the state, you will have the the task of ensuring your family are taken care of and kept safe. However it is important to state that every thing you do is a choice and every choice will have consequences.

Each character in game has is unique with their own circumstances, problems and quirks. It’s entirely up to you whether you choose to ignore your government instructions which are often cruel in nature or to abide by the their orders often at your tenants detriment.

The free version allows you a healthy amount of gameplay to give an adequate feel for the game. After completing it you’re given the option to purchase the full version and DLC pack at a discounted rate- which I did immediately. It’s reasonably priced so it was no quibble.

The possibility of different endings and endless choices is attractive but what is even more so is the quaint and unique art style the game has been designed with. The interface works perfectly on the mobile and PC versions, complete with sinister sound effects and creative dialogue making this game an ideal timesink. If I was a commuter I would be looking forward to my commutes with Beholder in hand.

All in all this game is a winner for me. It’s got fantastic replayability and the choices you can make are endless. But ill let you make the decision yourself.

Available on app stores and Steam.

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