Pokemon Go – Revenue for September

The massive hit Pokemon GO on mobile is in the news more and more recently and there’s a valid reason for it! Pokemon GO does not seem to be dying off anytime soon. Niantic have released their figures for September and have had big wins in both downloads and revenue. Last month, the title grossed […]

pokemon go charizard and pikachu in AR

Pokémon Go – AR Boost

Pokemon Go has always been sold to us as an augmented reality (AR) experience and let’s be honest it’s typically the first thing that us catchers turn off. It can feel a bit janky and makes us move our phone around a bit too blatantly obvious.   However! Fear not as Niantic, the games developer, […]

Get Meltan Now – Here’s How – Pokemon Go

Get Meltan now, here’s how. Pokemon fans can finally acquire an entirely new Pokemon- Meltan. The Pokemon Company had hinted previously that there would be a way to obtain Meltan and we now know how to get it for sure! The Pokemon company has said that the first step to getting Meltan is to send […]

HUGE News For Your Pokedex! New Pokemon On The Way!

HUGE NEWS FOR YOUR POKEDEX! The world is about to get a whole lot bigger as Niantic have announced that Pokemon from the Sinnoh region are making their way into Pokemon Go! A new trailer has been released featuring Turtwig, Chimchar and Piplup. “A vast new world is waking up around us,” the voice over […]

Pokemon Go! Halloween Holiday Special Hint!

Pokemon Go! news this week includes a hint at Halloween holiday special! Niantic has been working hard this year to keep it’s Pokemon go fans happy And to win back those trainers who had put their pokeballs away. The next major event is hopefully right around the corner with Halloween 2018 being the most likely […]

Beholder – The Game You Didn’t Know You Needed

Beholder is the game you didn’t know you needed. You play as Carl, a landlord working on behalf of the government in a totalitarian state. You’re appointed to spy on your tenants. You’ll rely on covert means to acquire information on them, profiling them and eavesdropping on their conversations. You have the ability to bug […]

Pokemon Go - Capturing Mewtwo in the new raid battle

Catch Mewtwo in Pokemon Go!

For those of us who are still playing Pokemon Go the long-awaited legendary Pokemon, Mewtwo, is finally available outside of EX Raids as the newest raid boss.  However, you don’t have all the time in the world – Make sure you get out there and catch them all as you only have up until October […]

Nintendo Financial Failure

Nintendo have just launched their very first smart phone title with its own original characters – don’t expect to find Mario or Luigi here. However this venture hasn’t gotten off to a very good start. “Dragalia Lost” was released last week and in the first 5 days of its life generated less than all of […]

Can Jagex REALLY do this?

Countless gamers alike have been lucky enough to have their nostalgic tastebuds tingled by a sneak insight into the world of OSRS mobile.   The exclusive Beta is hugely underway with Jagex currently anticipating an official arrival date of October 30th, an exciting time for all involved. If you weren’t fortunate enough to get on […]