Festival Of The Lost Live Now – Destiny 2

Halloween excitement has taken over Destiny 2 – Festival of the Lost is live now! Work through a murder mystery style story quest and battle through waves of enemies in a battle area. You’ll be able to bag yourself some unique loot and items.

The quest will have you solving the murder of a Cryptarch from the Reef – Master Ives. We wont spoil it for you but the reward as well as the satisfaction is worth it. Should you choose to venture into the forest you will find yourself swarmed by waves of enemies which will increase in strength as you persevere. You’ll have limited time to tackle as many as you can!

The festivities this year have a morbid and somber air to them though – Cayde-6 is now amongst the fallen Guardians. Major character and quest-giver, R.I.P. Dont forget to pay your respects to the fallen.

The event is now live and ready for you to experience. Get in game – get involved- get yourself some loot and get spooky!

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