Fornite Season 6 Week 3 Challenge Guide

Challenges for Fortnite Season 6, week 3 have now been announced and taking a look at them there seems to be nothing too taxing. However it is clear to us that there is one particular challenge that people may need a little extra help with. This is where we come in! This has been compiled to help you Challenge gatherers to complete this weeks.

“Complete timed trials”

This is the challenge in question and those of you who have been around for season 5 also will know what this challenge typically involves. The process hasn’t changed but here is the breakdown.

Scattered around the island are blue stopwatch collectables and, when you pick one up, you’ll have an allotted amount of time to grab the rest of the them that appear in the area. If you’re new to this, it may take some trial and error as some of the collectables require you to build your way up to them. Naturally, this means you’ll have to have the relevant resources on hand to craft the necessary platforms.



As soon as you have completed three of the time trials, you’ll have gained yourself 10 Battle starts. The rest of the challenges for this week shouldn’t be too difficult for you veteran players.

Best of luck to you all!


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