Can Jagex REALLY do this?

Countless gamers alike have been lucky enough to have their nostalgic tastebuds tingled by a sneak insight into the world of OSRS mobile.


The exclusive Beta is hugely underway with Jagex currently anticipating an official arrival date of October 30th, an exciting time for all involved. If you weren’t fortunate enough to get on board the Beta train, i can tell you now that the wait will be worth the journey.
For those of you reading this feeling hard-done by, impatient and with a hard to quench thirst for slaying Goblins…cows and…whatever else, take to your favourite search engine and explore the huge WWW. Where there is a will, my friend, there is always a way and trust me, there is a way!
Down to the gritty…
So far we know that the iOS and Android versions are near completion yet there has not been any compatibility scheduled for Linux or Windows phones as of yet.
Sorry guys, if you made that decision, i suggest you check when you’re due an upgrade!

If i’ve still got your attention, here’s the good news:

  • It is still FREE TO PLAY – no membership required, put your wallet away, you’re safe
  • Pay to play option available however there are no microtransactions in game, phew
  • Your account will be cross-compatible with the desktop version and vice-versa! All realms are the same, you’ll be playing with desktop users and mobile users alike at the same time
  • Data usage is sitting quite low, i’ve worked it out to be on average 1MB per hour of gameplay however the app size is around 100MB, so get on WI-FI to download it if you want to save your 4G availability
  • The UI is clean and works flawlessly. The long press technique replaces the right click of a mouse and movement is made by making a simple tap on the screen

Mobile UI & Grand Exhange: The game is as busy as you’ll remember it back in your youth.

All in all, yes, Jagex REALLY can do this!

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