Pokemon Go! Halloween Holiday Special Hint!

Pokemon Go! news this week includes a hint at Halloween holiday special!

Niantic has been working hard this year to keep it’s Pokemon go fans happy And to win back those trainers who had put their pokeballs away.

The next major event is hopefully right around the corner with Halloween 2018 being the most likely opportunity for Niantic to make the most of.

Halloween has always been on the cards as a holiday event, but will it also include Gen 4 Pokemon? Last year had an all ghost type release followed by a gradual turnout of pokemon through December and fans are eager for the same and more this year.

A Spanish Pokemon Go! news letter has confirmed the holiday event recently. Translated from the original Spanish text, the teaser reads: “Breaking news! Breaking news, trainers. Professor Willow reports that spooky events have occurred nearby. Could they be the work of a Ghost-type Pokemon? Stay tuned to find out.”

Will Niantic launch a new ghost-type from Gen 4 this way? There are plenty of great pokemon we would love to see in game!

Dusknoir and Mismagius being just 2 of them.

For now though trainers will have to settle for the special hat wearing Pikachu that can be caught in the wild at the moment.

“A Pikachu wearing a special cap has been spotted in Pokémon GO. Don’t miss your chance to catch it,” a message from Niantic explains.

“A cool new look inspired by Pikachu is now available for free in the Style Shop.”

We arent went sure how long the little guy will be around for so catch him whilst you can!

It follows on from the release of the Pokemon Psychic Spectacular, bringing with it Shiny Drowzees and a whole other host of psychic pokemon!

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