Pokémon Go – AR Boost

pokemon go charizard and pikachu in AR

Pokemon Go has always been sold to us as an augmented reality (AR) experience and let’s be honest it’s typically the first thing that us catchers turn off. It can feel a bit janky and makes us move our phone around a bit too blatantly obvious.


Pokemon go AR wonderful much more stable

However! Fear not as Niantic, the games developer, is looking forward and finding ways on improving this feature of the game by adding support for ARCore, Google’s augmented reality SDK.



It’s similar to the update that we have already seen take place on iOS, this was completed late last year. Seeing Pokemon enter into our world by the magical wonders of AR by allowing them to more accurately stand on real-world surfaces rather than just floating off like team rocket.



Pokemon Go peaked when it first launched in 2016, with everyone walking around playing the game! But Niantic are keeping this game alive by more recently announcing the release of 4th generation Pokemon into the game. Read about them here!

So there you have it Pokemasters get out there and turn your AR back on and capture wonderful screenshots of your Pokemon standing proud, or should I say sitting.




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