Rockstar Shocks Xbox One Gamers With Exclusive Content For Ps4 Gamers (RDR2)

Red Dead Redemption 2 - looking positive for PS4 players

Rockstar shocks Xbox One gamers with exclusive content for PS4 gamers. Read on to find out how.

More details have surfaced about what could potentially be the biggest game of the year, Red Dead Redemption 2. These have surfaced a mere few weeks before the game arrives on consoles.

We already know the game will leave gamers facing huge downloads when the game releases on October 26th 2018 and we are now finding out why that is. Rockstar have packed RDR 2 with more content than we’ve seen on console games thus far and we already know that the game will take up a whopping 100GB of HDD space!

It’s rumoured that around 1000 voice actors have been used to bring life to the games NPC’s and we have even heard that nearly all of them will have their own personality. This is a potential first for any game released this generation.

What about the map size? A recent Q&A with the company suggested that the playable area would span the entire original RDR map.

Fans may be shocked to hear however that PS4 players will recieve more content than those playing on Xbox One.

This has been confirmed by Rockstar a while back, the content however was unspecified.

Sony have since stated that PS4 gamers will get 20 days early access content which will span across the single player campaign and online multiplayer.

Arthur Morgan will be getting kitted out with a new Grizzlies Outlaw outfit and have access to an Arabian horse; the horse will come kitted out with it’s own custom alligator skin saddle and double action revolver.

You MUST have an active online subscription though to get the goods!

“Both Red Dead Redemption 2 and its multiplayer experience, Red Dead Online will come with exciting PlayStation 4 benefits right from launch,” a message from Sony confirms.

“In Red Dead Redemption 2, PS4 players will be able to customise Arthur Morgan with the Grizzlies Outlaw Outfit.”

For now though, we will have to await more details which we are sure are well on their way!

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